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Traditional Renders


Sand & Cement

Traditional render is a two coat render system, comprising of a scratch coat and a topcoat of a sand and cement mix. These renders now come in a pre blended bag so the mix is in correct proportions. These also have plasticisers in them for improved workability. The second coat is ruled flat and is finished with a float and sponge. A sponged finish leaves this ready for a coat of masonry paint.


This type of render is the cheapest system, but without the polymers and reinforcing mesh, they are prone to hairline cracks and are not as durable over a period of time. 


If the substrate behind old render and has degraded, this may have to be removed before a the new render is applied. Also these types of render cannot got straight over difficult or painted surfaces and will require a primer to help it adhere to the substrate.  


Lime Render

Lime render is a traditional form of exterior wall render that is distinctive thanks to its high breathability and aesthetic appeal. In contrast to hard cement and sand renders, lime render is soft, allowing it to erode over time and providing it with a more natural appearance.

These are used on old stone building and are sometimes required to be used for listed building. We can achieve a range of bespoke finishes to match existing building like ashlar lines or block effect lines.

We use a bagged lime render manufactured by Fassa Bortolo which gives great results.

Lime Render

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