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Silicone & Acrylic Topcoats

Here at Polar we use sprayers where possible to increase productivity, that way we can stay more cost effective and efficient. We use our Bennu X15 sprayer for all our silicone and acrylic topcoats.

Silicone and Acrylic topcoats are used as the final coat over a basecoat. The base is normally a thin coat render, but can be applied over traditional render or to retrofit an existing building.

These topcoats are very flexible and waterproof, combined with the fact they can be tinted to any colour, makes them a far superior choice to any other renders. 

Both topcoats have a grain in them made from marble and quarts, which come in a variety of sizes to match any look or style that is required. 1.5mm is the most common size and are made by all the main render manufacturers.

silicone top coat sprayed with bennu x15 in south cerney
silicone topcoat in weymouth sprayed with bennu x15
silicone topcoat sprayed in bristol with the bennu x15
Jub silicone topcoat

These topcoats come in white, in  25kg buckets and a ink is added to tint them to any colour from the colour swatch. A RAL number can also be used for custom colours.

When we come to quote for jobs we are equiped with colour swatches from many manufacturers for you to choose from.

Before we start to spray we make sure all windows, door and soffits are fully masked up. We aim to make as little mess and disruption to our clients.

Before the topcoat is apllied, a coat of primer that is tinted to the same colour is first applied to all surfaces that will be sprayed. This does two things, help the topcoat adhere to the basecoat and helps even the colour before spraying to make sure we get a nice even coating of the topcoat. 

The sprayers we use have specially designed nozzle and are connected to a regulated air supply. These two thing is what make our spray pattern so even and uniform. 

Once we've finished spraying, we strip all masking off and clean up leaving a crisp, clean job.

A Brief Overview of the Application of Silicone Topcoat

If you have a question or something hasn't been covered in this section please contact  us.

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