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Monocouche Render

Monocouche render, also know as thru coloured render is a cement base product that can be hand applied or sprayed. 

With all our monocouche renders we apply a fully meshed basecoat first to prevent cracking and increase the longevity of the render, unless stipulated by the client. 

A primer and basecoat is a must if going over difficult or painted substrates.

We use a range of products like KRend, Fassa Bortolo, Weber, EcoRend and PRB to name a few.


Here at Polar we apply our monocouche with a spray pump, which make us faster and more efficient in the application. 

This render is applied over the beads and is scraped  flat and textured to give you the final finish. The finish thickness is 15mm overall.

We are approved applicators for many render manufacturers on the market and they provide these in a wide range of colours.

These renders are mid range in longevity, maintenance and price.

PFT Ritmo L our sprayer we use to apply monocouche and thin coat renders

Our Sprayer

PFT Ritmo

This electric powered spray pump mixes bags with water and pumps it all from one place to improve our application speed and efficency.

Here is a little preview of what monocouche render entails. 

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