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Meet Our Spray Machines

In this short video we dive into our render spraying machines. We have a selection to choose from and each one has its pros and cons, and strengths and weaknesses.

We start by looking at our PFT Ritmo L, which is a small electric powered machine capable of mixing and pumping render up to 10 litres per minute. Its small size is great for domestic properties where space is limited and cleanliness is key. Its variable speed makes it great for matching in existing Tyroleans and roughcasts.

Following the Ritmo we have our Euromair Pro Mix 50. This 3 phase electric machine has a lot of pumping power. It can mix and pump up to 32 litres per minute and pump it up to 40 meters away. This is the workhorse for monocouche renders allowing us to get the render thickness on quickly and efficiently. We also use this on bagged lime renders and basecoats, but is rather bulky and is suited to big houses or commercial settings.

Finally we have our Bennu X15 Carbon sprayer. This small handheld sprayer is run using the power of a cordless drill and compressed air. The regulated air supply from a compressor, is what gives this sprayer its uniform finish. We use this for all our silicone top-coating and some stabilizing primers. 

All in all these sprayers, when used in the right setting increases our productivity and efficiency and allows us to keep giving our customers sharp, tidy finished projects every time. 

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